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The Fountain is a publication of the Edinboro Area Historical Society. It is published once a year, and a single copy is free to all current members.  Copies are distributed at the Annual Banquet in January; if you do not attend the Banquet, we are happy to provide you with a copy either by mail or in person at the Doucette House during normal hours on Tuesdays or Saturdays, 9AM - Noon.

The Fountain publishes articles of local interest, as well as photographs.  Each year a theme is chosen and subsequent articles are related to that theme.  

Our publication has received a good deal of praise, and rightly so; it is an annual testament to the Society's exploration and promotion of our local history.  We are appreciative of all our sponsors, writers, editors, publishers, and most of all our readers and members without whome the Society would not exist.  THANK YOU for your generous support.

All issues of the Fountain are available; click on the year below to see a copy of the cover and the table of contents.  copies are $5 plus $2.50 for postage; write or call or email us with your request and your order will be filled promptly.  Checks are made out to the Edinboro Area Historical Society.  At this time we cannot accept credit card or Paypal orders.

2002:  One Room School Houses  ...cover   |   TOC

2003:  Major Fires in Edinboro   ...cover   |   TOC

2004:  The Bridges in Edinboro   ...cover   |   TOC

2005:  Then & Now: A Photographic Essay   ...cover   |   TOC

2006:  Memorable Citizens & Nicknames of Edinboro   ...cover   |   TOC

2007:  Growing Up in Edinboro   ...cover   |   TOC

2008:  Then & Now: A Photo Essay, & Remembering the House of Edinboro   ...cover   |   TOC

2009:  Honor Roll: Edinboro's Veterans   ...cover   |   TOC

2010:  Edinboro Agricultural Fairs   ...cover   |   TOC

2011:  Tribute to Forrest Doucette, & the 'Corners' around Us   ...cover   |   TOC

2012:  Edinboro in the Civil War   ...cover   |   TOC

2013: Growing up in Edinboro; History of Lakeside
.....cover  |  TOC

2014:  Early Settlers of Edinboro   ...cover  |  TOC

2015: WW1, Miracles on Maple Hill, and 175th Edinboro Anniversary        ...cover  |  TOC

2016:  Drakes's Mill, Sunset Camps, Edinboro Medical Center                  ...cover | TOC

2017:  Edinboro's B-24 Bomber Pilot, & Tales the Tombstones Tell                 ...cover | TOC

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We are located at 126 Water Street, Edinboro PA.  We are also on Facebook.